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NetSuite for CFOS's

NetSuite: A Powerful Ally for CFO's 

Finance leaders are quickly becoming essential partners to the CEO who needs data, insights and key performance indicators (KPIs) to support good, fast decision making. McKinsey & Co., says CFOs are also being asked to perform a “strategic balancing act,” and that they spend much…

6 Signs that You’ve Outgrown Your ERP 

If you’re dealing with lengthy accounting close timeframes, frustrated users and poor operational visibility, it’s probably time to start shopping for a new Enterprise Resource Planning platform. Familiar and comfortable, the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that you’ve been using for years or even decades…

5 Reasons Why All Construction Firms Need NetSuite

An industry that still relies heavily on manual processes, physical work and human labor, the construction sector is ripe for a digital overhaul. And while innovations like 3D printing, self-healing concrete and sensors that monitor for safety hazards are all slowly making their way onto…