Need we say more?

The #1 Cloud ERP


Confidence in NetSuite
Is confidence in your future.

The world moves faster and faster each year, and if you’re in a leadership position at a growing company it can be overwhelming. Thankfully, Oracle NetSuite has the components and flexibility to help organize your business processes and give you the data you need to make more informed, more impactful decisions.

To start, NetSuite is the #1 cloud software suite for enterprise resource planning (ERP). It offers a host of powerful tools that allow businesses to track financials, maintain customer relationships, manage inventory and fluidly host and manage e-commerce.

NetSuite consolidates what the often convoluted, “make do” approach of disparate spreadsheets and stand alone system solutions offer…while also reducing operating costs and unleashing productivity. It was built to run multiple applications under one platform, with customizable modules to match the needs of your business and the nuance of your industry.

And, since NetSuite is a cloud-based platform, all your data is accessible from anywhere, on any device and always served to you in a familiar interface. Redundancy and security are simplified, feeling your IT team to focus on forward-looking growth projects.

Every user runs the same version of NetSuite and the back-end infrastructure. The software is automatically updated, and each user’s data is stored and secured separately. Strong encryption, role-based access controls, robust password policies, multifactor user authentication and token-based application authentication are just a few of the enterprise security features that NetSuite has always been built upon.

NetSuite allows the entirity of your business to understand—in real-time—the key metrics that drive your continued growth.

Vursor is here to ignite confidence in NetSuite throughout the entirety of your business. From the initial business process consulting, to scoping and building out a bespoke solution, and then on to training and change management—we’re here to collaboratively help your business adapt to this transformative platform.