The NetSuite Buyers Guide

As any organization strides into new markets, critical to lowering costs and getting business done more efficiently is getting an extensive and uncompromising view of every part of the business.

Cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, NetSuite, with its host of features to improve employee productivity, enhance IT efficiency and lower costs – while consolidating data and enabling greater visibility with extensive reports and analytics – could be everything you need to do just that.

In fact, with its built-in flexibility, configuration and customization; customer-facing commerce; native business intelligence and real-time analytics, NetSuite dominates the Tech IPO Market. It's designed to be there for you right here, right now, and every step of the way as you continue to expand.

To help you discover more about the transformational potential NetSuite could have for your business, the team at VURSOR – a global name in NetSuite implementation, methods, services and people – has put together this NetSuite 101: Your How-To Guide to help you evaluate, purchase, implement and reap the rewards of such a powerful ERP.

The Guide is designed to give you the low-down on selecting, implementing and configuring NetSuite for your exacting business needs. From whether NetSuite suits your industry and which add-on modules to choose, to final evaluation & purchase. Not to mention complex cost breakdowns including license pricing and implementation based on common modules, total user count, contract duration and more.

All from VURSOR – a NetSuite partner offering unbeatable efficiency with the world's best NetSuite certified professionals. From creating cost efficiencies through expert delivery, to being on-site to mobilise your project and support your internal team; we're your NetSuite partners all the way from implementation right through to optimisation.

Why choose VURSOR?

We go beyond just being a NetSuite Provider. We're your NetSuite Partner:
When it comes to NetSuite's comprehensive third-party system integration – the VURSOR

team is ready to help you feel more deeply connected.
When it comes to NetSuite's extensive business visibility – the VURSOR team is ready to help

you stay in control of your business processes.
When it comes to NetSuite's customization – the VURSOR team is ready to help you make all

the right changes in all the right places.

When it comes to NetSuite's unparalleled automation – the VURSOR team can help you harness the power of automated business processes including transaction approval, lead nurturing, record management and more.

And when it comes to scaling your business – the Vursor team is ready to help you expand in line with your requirements, objectives and users, so you can scale your business with confidence.

What are you waiting for? Download our NetSuite 101: Your How-To Guide