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The Recruitment & Staffing industry is highly competitive and with low barriers to entry, it means protecting and increasing profit margins using technology is crucial. When NetSuite is implemented correctly and aligned with your business goals, it will improve operations, enhance collaboration between departments, and provide a better Candidate and Client experience.

1. Streamlined Processes_

NetSuite offers a range of integrated tools to help recruitment companies streamline their business processes. Using the job posting distribution feature recruiters can share live vacancies with various job boards in just a few clicks. By automating administrative tasks and processes, recruiters can save time and reduce errors.

2. Customizable_

NetSuite is highly customizable and can be integrated with most CRM Systems or ATS. It can be mapped to your current processes with enhancements built in to solve specific customer needs, including creating custom workflows and dashboards.

3. Reporting_

Real-time reporting and advanced analytics can help recruitment companies gain greater insights and drive improved financial performance. Visualizing key performance metrics such as calls, placements, time-to-fill, cost per hire, and margins all within one dashboard.

4. Scalability_

As a recruitment company grows, their ERP system needs to be able to scale to meet their changing requirements. NetSuite is a cloud-based system operating in all currencies so if you are rapidly expanding overseas, it doesn’t require major infrastructure investments.

5. Mobile Capabilities_

It’s important Recruiters spend time in front of Clients and Candidates and NetSuite’s mobile app it allows staff to access key business information from anywhere on the go.

At VURSOR we specialize in working with Staffing & Recruitment agencies, from start-ups in niche sectors to multi-national businesses. Our team of experienced Consultants understands the industry, the technology, and what is needed to drive operational change.



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