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NetSuite 101: A Comprehensive Overview of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

NetSuite offers a variety of products designed to streamline operations and enhance efficiency across a range of industries. One of the tools that makes it so attractive to many companies is its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. Here, we aim to provide a beginner’s perspective on NetSuite CRM, its capabilities, and how you can use it to transform your customer interactions.

Introduction to NetSuite

NetSuite is a unified business management suite that encompasses various functionalities including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), eCommerce, and CRM in a fully integrated cloud-based system. It facilitates businesses access to critical data and performs key functions from anywhere with an internet connection. Read more about the fundamentals of NetSuite here.

The Evolution of NetSuite

Originally launched as a web-based accounting software, NetSuite has rapidly grown and evolved into a comprehensive business management solution. It’s now officially known as Oracle NetSuite, reflecting its association with one of the industry’s leading software providers. With the advent of cloud computing, NetSuite shifted its focus to become a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. This move allowed businesses to leverage the power of the cloud, enabling them to access their data and perform key functions securely, anytime, anywhere.

Understanding CRM

The main objective for any company is to sell. You can’t sell without people knowing about your products and services. And you can’t launch effective marketing campaigns without understanding your customers. Thanks to the global view of a customer’s interactions with your brand, marketing, support teams and products and services that CRM tools provide, companies no longer have to worry about the issues that come with poor interdepartmental communication. With real-time visibility of each and every customer, regardless of their position in the funnel, you’ll be able to see what products, unique promotions, and price points they engage with most frequently. The you know about your customers’ habits, the easier it will be to accurately predict what they want.

Why NetSuite CRM?

NetSuite CRM offers a range of features designed to transform your customer relationships, improve customer satisfaction, and drive sales growth:

  • SalesForce Automation: Provides sales with real-time access to customer, prospect, and order records.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Real-time dashboards provide role-based, customisable reports to sales, marketing, and service teams.
  • Sales Forecasting and Quota Management: Builds reliability and predictability into the sales process.
  • Upsell, Quote, and Order Management: Convert quotes into approved sales orders easily and process with back-end financials automatically.
  • Partner Relationship Management: Controls every aspect of the partnering process.
  • Marketing Automation: Automates multi-channel campaigns according to sales efforts.
  • Ecommerce: Connect with NetSuite’s eCommerce solution to create a single record system for the customer, transaction data, and activity.

Alongside these features, there are a number of other benefits that make NetSuite CRM the standout option on the market. First and foremost, it can be easily integrated with Oracle NetSuite ERP for a seamless and truly end-to-end business management solution. This integration streamlines various business processes, uniting sales, customer relationships, financials, and operations under one roof for improved efficiency. NetSuite CRM also boasts robust built-in analytics, enabling businesses to gain deep insights into customer behaviour and sales performance, thereby facilitating data-driven decision-making. Additionally, its support for multi-channel customer interactions across email, phone, chat, and social media ensures that businesses can engage with their customers effectively, maintaining consistency and personalization.

The platform’s customizable workflows and inherent scalability mean that businesses of all sizes can enjoy the benefits it brings. The platform is designed to grow with businesses, so smaller companies can start with essential functionalities and expand as needed, without the fear of outgrowing the system or facing significant additional costs. This combination of flexibility, comprehensive features, and scalability set NetSuite CRM apart as a superior CRM solution, ideal for businesses aiming for long-term growth and efficiency.

How to Implement NetSuite

Implementing NetSuite involves several key steps, each crucial for a successful implementation. This includes the needs assessment and planning, configuration and customization, system testing and data migration, and training and support. Find out more about NetSuite implementation here.


NetSuite CRM offers a complete solution for managing customer relationships. It provides easy access to all customer data across the entire customer lifecycle, enhancing the overall customer experience and giving your company the information you need to continue to grow. With the help of NetSuite consulting services such as those offered by Vursor, businesses can effectively implement and use NetSuite CRM to improve their customer relationships, drive sales growth, and achieve their business objectives.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to understand the NetSuite basics or a business seeking NetSuite support, our NetSuite specialists can help guide you through the process. With the right NetSuite consulting services, you can leverage the power of NetSuite CRM to transform your customer interactions and drive business growth.

Looking to explore more about NetSuite and its potential for your business? Get in touch with the NetSuite experts at Vursor who can guide you on your data-driven decision-making journey.