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NetSuite for Hospitality

The rising costs of labor, raw materials, and staff mean Hospitality businesses are turning to Oracle NetSuite to improve efficiency, increase productivity, expand visibility, and make more informed, cost-effective decisions. In a single cloud-based platform NetSuite streamlines operations, enhances customer experiences, and improves financial management by leveraging industry-leading enterprise resource management capabilities such as point-of-sale and booking management, inventory control for financials, accounting, procurement, fixed asset management, and franchise management. NetSuite helps businesses operating in the hospitality sector integrate and automate processes, embrace new operating models, and maintain financial control across multiple properties all from a single system.

1. A Single System to Manage Your Entire Business_

NetSuite’s integration capabilities replace disconnected back-office systems, streamlining operations and reducing manual data entry. Connect existing systems, including your central reservation system in a single suite of applications that provides one system of record for financials, inventory, POS, CRM, and Human Capital Management (HCM). By integrating these functions, NetSuite delivers a comprehensive, single-platform solution that enhances efficiency, reduces costs, and improves overall business management for hospitality businesses.


2. Simplify Multi-Entity Management_

In the hospitality industry, franchise models with multiple subsidiaries, operating across multiple locations are common. NetSuite OneWorld supports these business models by simplifying multi-entity management and consolidation, streamlining operations, and offering real-time visibility at all levels within a single system. It facilitates acquiring new franchisees, opening stores, managing projects, collecting royalties, and running consolidated sales reports, all within a unified system.


3. A Comprehensive Solution Designed For Hospitality Businesses_

NetSuite provides tailored solutions for the hospitality industry. Its Property Management features facilitate seamless management of reservations, room inventory, guest profiles, and billing processes allowing you to efficiently manage customers. Integration with leading POS systems guarantees efficient transactions, inventory management, and real-time reporting. In addition, NetSuite’s Supply Chain Management optimizes operations and reduces costs by improving procurement, inventory control, and supplier relationships. With enhanced vendor and purchasing management, gain the visibility and control necessary to minimize the cost of goods sold. Additionally, leveraging par levels and reorder points ensures you consistently maintain the right amount of stock.


4. Real-time analytics, accessed anywhere, anytime_

As a cloud-based platform, NetSuite is accessible from any device, at any time, providing a centralized view of your business. Its powerful real-time analytics enable data-driven decision-making. Instantly view your business at the group or individual entity level, create personalized role-based dashboards, and track hospitality-specific KPIs like Food and Beverage Cost Percentage, occupancy rate, and customer satisfaction scores.


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