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NetSuite gives construction companies all the tools required to run their operations efficiently whilst supporting ongoing growth and profitability. Historically, disconnected spreadsheets and paper-based reporting were the norm but now organizations of all sizes are harnessing the #1 cloud ERPs capabilities to manage their finances, supply chains, customer relationship management (CRM), and human resources. With specific functionality for construction firms NetSuite is now the go-to solution for Finance Transformation.

1. Project Management_

Oracle NetSuite provides robust project management allowing you to manage, track and allocate resources. By Pairing NetSuite ERP with a construction solution partner processes can be streamlined and enables true project accounting, including time and expense entry and budgeting. Minimize waste and delays with more precise management of human, equipment, and material resources.

2. Resource Planning_

Construction projects require efficient management of resources, including labor, equipment, and materials. Oracle NetSuite’s resource planning features enable you to effectively schedule and allocate resources based on project requirements. It helps you avoid overallocation or underutilization of resources, optimize resource utilization, and improve project productivity.

3. Scalability_

As your operations grow, your ERP system needs to be able to scale to meet the changing requirements of the business. With NetSuite for construction companies, you can support multiple legal entities, currencies, languages, and because NetSuite is cloud-based it doesn’t require major infrastructure investments.

4. Reporting_

Oracle NetSuite provides comprehensive reporting and analytics tools that allow construction companies to gain insights into their business performance. It offers customizable dashboards, real-time KPI monitoring, and robust reporting capabilities. With these features, you can track project profitability, monitor costs, analyze project performance, and make data-driven decisions to drive business growth.

5. Flexible Invoicing_

Oracle NetSuite offers great invoicing flexibility. It allows construction companies to invoice their projects in multiple ways, including Fixed Bid, Milestone-Based, Task-Based, Time & Materials and Progress-Based billing, including Deposits and Retainers.

At Vursor we specialize in working with Construction firms of all sizes to maximize the capabilities of Oracle’s cloud-based solution. Our team of experienced Consultants understands the industry, the technology, and what is needed to drive operational change.


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