Take the Burden Out of Running NetSuite ERP with a Reliable Managed Service Provider

Getting a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform up and running is one thing, but optimizing your investment over time, leveraging the platform’s additional functionalities and extracting maximum benefits from that IT investment require some additional effort.

Certain internal IT teams may be well equipped to roll their sleeves up and take on this additional work, but most would prefer to focus on more important projects and leave the ERP optimization work to a reliable, reputable partner. With this in mind, award winning NetSuite Alliance Partner, Vursor, is on hand with a managed services offering dedicated to helping companies unlock their ERP’s full potential.

Why You Need A Strong Support Structure for Your ERP

Maintaining your ERP system is essential, but it should not be detrimental to your core focus. Ongoing support requests can be challenging to address without a resource who understands your unique instance, daily administrative tasks can be time-consuming, and a lack of in-house technical knowledge can mean slow adoption.

A Proactive Approach to ERP Management & Maintenance

Managed service providers handle some or all of the aspects of running, maintaining and optimizing an ERP system. At Vursor, our goal is to help you increase your ERP users’ productivity and efficiency while allowing team members to focus on more strategic projects. This not only helps your company control costs, but also helps improve risk management and get the full value from its IT investment.

“Our comprehensive managed services solution is designed to make our customers’ lives easier and give them the peace of mind that they’re getting the most out of NetSuite,” said Drew Preiner, VP of Sales at Vursor. “We take a proactive approach to manage, maintain, and enhance the system to ensure it’s always optimized and leveraging its full capabilities.”

Vursor Managed Services

Here are some of the reasons to outsource managed services of your NetSuite ERP to Vursor:

  1. Initial road-mapping and documentation. We’ll help define a NetSuite-aligned ERP strategy to meet your goals.
  2. Functional NetSuite support: Advice on optimizing your NetSuite account, best practices and end-user support and training.
  3. NetSuite administration support: Lean on us for general support such as data cleansing and maintenance, upgrades, and testing.
  4. NetSuite development support: Keep your ERP up to date with the latest features, or build new reports, dashboards and enhanced functionalities.
  5. Backlog tracking: We’ll keep you informed about your system status and help you manage your backlog.
  6. Contract duration options: Choose from three, six, nine or twelve -month options.  
  7. Troubleshooting: Dedicated experts are available to help you troubleshoot NetSuite issues.
  8. Control and governance. We’ll ensure your system stays compliant with the latest regulations.
  9. Security: Enhance data security with our monitoring tools and health assessments.
  10. Training: Expert-led NetSuite training for your team in group or 1-on-1 sessions.
  11. Support and service levels: 24-hour service level agreement (SLA) response time.

Why Vursor Managed Services

Vursor’s managed services provides ongoing support to NetSuite customers post- implementation. We help NetSuite users overcome any challenges that may emerge post-implementation and go above and beyond any “basic level” support options. Here’s some of the benefits you gain outsourcing Managed Services to Vursor:

  • A Fixed Pricing Structure. Vursor’s managed services offering is paid for monthly in advance. We then draw down against the planned hours so you’ll always know your monthly spend.

  • A knowledgeable, supportive team of experts. At Vursor, we pride ourselves in aligning the correct team members for the entire duration of the managed services engagement. This ensures continuity and guarantees that your managed services team knows your business inside and out.   

  • Proactive Business Alignment on Quarterly Priorities. This is to identify the priority list for what clients want to automate, configure or achieve within the NetSuite platform or through integrations.

  • Weekly or Biweekly Status Reports. These reports show the breakdown of work that’s been completed and work that’s upcoming for the next 2-3 weeks.

Unleash the Power of Managed Services

After putting money, time and energy into implementing NetSuite, you should be putting the same effort into maintaining it and continually look for ways to add additional automation opportunities within your ERP to maximize your return on investment. A good managed service partner can shoulder this burden for you. This will help reduce your IT workload, give you access to expertise you may not have in-house and scale up as your business needs change.

Let the experts handle the day-to-day ERP management tasks like system monitoring, security updates, and user support while you focus on what you do best: running your growing business.
Vursor knows that every business and every NetSuite setup is different, and factor this into our managed services solution.

“Our team of accredited consultants prioritize your specific needs, goals and challenges,” Preiner said. “NetSuite is such a powerful platform that can be leveraged across all departments. At Vursor, our goal is to help our clients put a prioritization list together and work against that list in an agile manner to ensure our clients receive the largest return on investment within NetSuite. From real-time performance analytics to daily support, we provide guidance on system upgrades, security, and performance enhancements along with access to support for assistance with questions or technical issues.”

"We had NetSuite implemented a couple of years ago and the resources that we had involved internally for the implementation have since left our company. The one constant for us has been Vursor. We knew that the implementation was only step one for us and we were excited about adopting the NetSuite system and finding areas for automation within the system once we went live. We've been working with Vursor for over two years now and they are not only experts of NetSuite but they truly care about and understand our business and where our business is going. I can't speak highly enough about Vursor's Managed Service offering. I'd recommend them to anybody looking for a great partner."

- Project lead, Apparel Company