NetSuite for
Software and Technology

Some of the largest organizations in the world belong to Software and Technology companies. They play a huge role in driving, innovation, economic growth, and global trends, operating multi-nationally across a range of industries. Key to their success is having a dependable and scalable back—office system that removes hours of manual work in Excel and automates core processes such as billing and deferred revenue in just a click of a button.

1. Grow Internationally_

NetSuite is the foundation powering today’s fastest-growing companies from startup to IPO and beyond. As your business expands globally, NetSuite provides a unified cloud-based platform that handles complex regulatory and financial requirements associated with operating in multiple countries and currencies. It supports global rollouts, consolidation, multiple languages, local tax legislation, multibook reporting, and advanced revenue management all whilst maintaining visibility with NetSuite OneWorld.


2. A Modern Cloud-based Solution_

Oracle NetSuite was built in the cloud and provides a modern solution that fosters innovation. It is optimized for the latest mobile devices, is easy to use, can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and has multiple tools that empower you to configure and customize NetSuite to meet your specific business needs.


3. Streamline Critical Business Processes_

NetSuite automates critical business processes, such as billing across revenue streams for products, subscriptions, and services. It eliminates error-prone spreadsheets and time-consuming and manual reconciliations, speeding up the financial close process, improving order processing efficiency, boosting productivity, and ultimately allowing you to focus on growing your business.


4. Powerful Real-time Analytics_

NetSuite has robust financial management and reporting capabilities, enabling software companies to monitor and analyze performance across finance, sales, marketing, service, and fulfilment in real-time. Build customizable dashboards that can be tailored to each user’s needs; such as annual recurring revenue (ARR), monthly recurring revenue (MRR), churn, upcoming subscription renewals and more.



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