Sterling Bay

For over three decades, Sterling Bay’s design-focused approach to real estate has set a disruptive new standard. From residential properties that redefine luxury living to master plans that breathe new life into once-vital communities, they are in the business of creating lasting impact—the kind that makes life better for everyone. Read on to learn how Sterling Bay’s NetSuite implementation, powered by Vursor's expertise, delivered growth, efficiencies and scalability.

The Challenge_

Following rapid growth, expanding from 20 to over 150 subsidiaries in a year, it quickly became apparent that their existing ERP, Quickbooks, was no longer fit for purpose. It required additional instances or 100% manual journal entries at the end of each month meaning consolidation of financials was nearly impossible with the variety of Quickbooks instances they were using. Additionally, manual tracking of payments outside of their systems consumed hours due to the lack of a systematic format. 

Why Vursor and NetSuite?_

Sterling Bay chose NetSuite for its easy expansion and consolidation capabilities, crucial for managing their subsidiaries in a multi-tenant environment.  

They selected Vursor as their implementation partner due to our expertise in real estate. Vursor collaborated closely with Sterling Bay, engaging with all stakeholders from the outset, to outline project priorities and future automation, ensuring a scalable business design. Vursor’s early engagement and commitment to satisfaction resulted in us being chosen by Sterling Bay to help implement NetSuite. 

The Results_

Decreased month-end by 20+ business days (from 20+ to 7 days).

Sterling Bay has added 20+ entities since going live on NetSuite.

Avid-Exchange and NetSuite integration allows them to easily pay on behalf of others ~ which is a core component for their business.

Consolidation roll-up of financials has allowed executives to make quick, impactful decisions on future strategy.

Monthly stakeholder sessions and fully documenting items in the roadmap ensured the project was successful, completing on time and meeting Sterling Bays requirements.