Benecon is U.S.-based company that works with SMEs across all industries, providing a way for them to self-fund their medical benefits. Benecon’s tech-enabled platform creates turnkey solutions that employers use to optimally self-fund medical benefits. Benecon provides the financial management—accounting, billing, paying fixed costs for client—and bridges the gaps for companies that don’t have the time or in-house expertise to manage these tasks.

The challenge_

Benecon was experiencing rapid growth across 38 states and was also partnering directly with employer groups/brokers, thus increasing its responsibilities. Benecon was using QuickBooks, which provided a means to an end but was ultimately not the right product for effectively, accurately and successfully scaling the company.

The growing enterprise needed a system that could help it to scale while also successfully integrating with the company’s current investment systems (Salesforce).

This would help Benecon automate more of its processes and gain significant efficiencies. After a thorough account-ing software evaluation process, Benecon concluded that NetSuite’s ERP capabilities were the best fit.

Why Vursor and NetSuite?_

Due to Benecon’s unique offering, the company needed an implementation team that understood the complexity of its platform and what it would take to successfully integrate that system with NetSuite. Lacking any integration capabilities with its existing QuickBooks system, the company needed a partner like Vursor, which understood Benecon’s system and could maximize NetSuite’s potential.

Vursor worked with Benecon to fully assess its current systems and understand the importance and complexity of the NetSuite implementation. An accredited Alliance Partner with NetSuite, Vursor was recommended as a preferred partner for Benecon.

The Results_

Vursor successfully implemented NetSuite while accurately integrating the ERP with Benecon’s existing platforms, including Salesforce. The Vursor team also automated a process that allowed Benecon’s master data to run more efficiently and continues to provide support basis as new needs arise.