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Whether you are delivering directly to the customer or dealing with B2B transactions, NetSuite helps manufacturers control, coordinate, and manage every aspect of their operations in one place. NetSuite ERP provides a unified view of your customers, from the moment they make a purchase, right through to shipping, delivery, returns processing, and beyond. It streamlines the process of estimating and quoting and leverages powerful tools to improve product design and Bill of Materials Management. Not only that, but it can save Finance Teams hours of manual work by providing a centralized platform for managing your finances, and streamlining processes such as intercompany transactions, reconciliations, and reporting.

1. Streamline Supply Chain_

NetSuite provides a centralized platform that optimizes the supply chain and ensures timely delivery of products. Information such as demand forecasts, production schedules, and inventory levels can be seamlessly shared across networks, for example, NetSuite’s distribution resource planning functionality can monitor stock levels and automatically create restocking alerts and reordering forms to ensure planned inventory levels are maintained across multiple locations. In addition, it can handle all aspects of production routing and can simplify multi-level work order processing. By integrating sales, marketing, and production data, manufacturers can increase visibility and control over the entire production lifecycle, ensuring optimal resource utilization, and minimizing costs.


2. Improve product design and Bill of Materials Management_

Improve product design and bill of materials (BOM) management by centralizing data, handling engineering changes, and facilitating collaboration among teams and stakeholders involved in the product development process.

Create and manage detailed Bills of Materials (BOMs) to ensure accurate and up-to-date support for production planning, procurement, and manufacturing. Utilize powerful Product Data Management capabilities to manage specifications, drawings, revisions, and related documentation effectively on a single platform, and take advantage of version control features to maintain a complete history of changes. Additionally, NetSuite integrates with CAD software, allowing you to transfer product design data seamlessly between CAD systems and NetSuite.


3. Built-in flexibility_

NetSuite’s flexible cloud platform can be customized to meet the unique needs of every manufacturing company, regardless of its size. With the help of SuiteCloud apps and tools, manufacturers can create workflows that fit their specific processes from any location across the globe. It also has a variety of out-the-box integrations with E-commerce platforms and carriers such as UPS, FedEx and USPS.


4. Real-Time Order Management and Shop Floor Integration_

Gain real-time visibility into your entire order management process with detailed information on inventory, orders, trends, and conversion rates. For example, on the shop floor, integration of the NetSuite tablet application gives you real-time updates on progress and supply and allows you to easily drill down from a summary level to get greater details, all the way to the underlying transaction, in just a few clicks.


5. Financial Management_

NetSuite provides a centralized platform to manage financial transactions between multiple entities, streamlining processes such as reconciliations, and reporting providing manufacturers with real-time visibility into financial operations, optimized resource allocation, and heightened efficiency.

NetSuite’s customizable dashboards enable manufacturers to make strategic data-led decisions displaying key information such as accounts receivable, orders, accounts payable, income statements, and balance sheets. It automatically calculates sales taxes, finance charges, and discount terms, plus, with an unlimited number of general ledger accounts, sub-accounts, and segments supported by NetSuite, it is one of the many reasons why NetSuite is a preferred ERP system for manufacturers.


6. E-Commerce Integration_

NetSuite’s e-commerce solution for manufacturers fully integrates with B2B and B2C sales portals, providing a unified platform that streamlines order placement and increases customer engagement. Transfer orders automatically to back-office fulfilment processes, accept real-time payments from a variety of credit cards and international currencies, and pay with Google Checkout or PayPal checkout options. With customizable online storefronts, manufacturers can design user-friendly e-commerce websites with product configurator tools that allow them to offer customizable products to their customers.


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