International Women's Day 2024

As we celebrate International Women’s Day 2024, it is essential to recognize the achievements and journeys of women breaking barriers, particularly in traditionally male-dominated fields. We chatted to Amanda LeMoine, Technical Principal Consultant at Vursor about her journey to becoming a NetSuite Consultant, how she’s overcome challenges and what advice she would give to her younger self.

“My career path has been a little different from a standard one. I started as a micro-biologist for a company that implemented NetSuite. I found myself drawn to the technical aspects of the job and slowly but steadily, worked my way from being a micro-biologist to a systems administrator, where I discovered my passion for coding and technical customization. While in that position I enrolled in a coding bootcamp course through the University of California San Diego and found that I loved the idea of a technical focus. The technical growth was not as available at that company as I would have liked, and I pursued other options. Consulting was a logical next step, and once I started consulting as a functional consultant it was an easy transition to focus on technical consulting."

"My area of expertise is technical customizations to NetSuite. I have focused mostly on Apparel, Footwear and Accessories (AFA), and Services verticals, but customizations are not industry specific. I mostly work within NetSuite to enhance the end user’s experience by customizing it to fit the business’s needs."

"Like with any job, it’s not without its challenges. One of the most common challenges in consulting is ensuring all requirements are captured before creating a customization. Throughout my career, I’ve encountered instances where new criterion has come to light mid-development process, which has required me to be agile, act quickly, and have discussions with the client to ensure we can successfully pivot to the right solution."

"But with every challenge, I’ve embraced the opportunity to learn new things and grow. I’ve come to realize it is okay that your initial plan isn’t where you will end up! There is joy when it comes to learning while working and is in fact, often where the most growth occurs."

Amanda LeMoine

Technical Principal Consultant, Vursor